Saying Thank You


Sometimes its nice to say a thank you where its due. Did you know National Lottery’s ‘Good Causes’ fund, to date, has created 12,700 after-school clubs, 700 parks and play areas and donated more than £500m to the elderly. That isn’t counting the £32 billion donated to other good causes. As the The National Lottery […]

5 Unique Christmas Gifts for your Daughter

pink gift box

It’s that time of year again. When you’re on a budget (and a single mum); it’s not always easy to bring on the holiday cheer. However, there are some great ways to let your daughter know just how much you care. What’s more, the following gifts don’t have to break the bank. Rather, they will […]

Christmas When Separated

Christmas should be full of laughter, smiles and all things festive. Its difficult enough sometimes to make the festive season go smoothly and sometimes even harder when your separated or divorced. I had the chance to put some readers questions to Jenny Beck. Jenny is a family law expert with The Co-operative Legal Services. To help […]

Adrienne Rowsome: Juggling being a Super Mom and Pro Poker Player

adrienne rowsome1

While we’re aware of the challenges faced by new mums, how many of us can imagine what it would be like to have a newborn and be amongst the top women poker players in the world? Quite a balancing act, to say the least! Since we’re on the subject, let’s meet Adrienne Rowsome. Not only […]