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If you are claiming Tax Credits don't forget to renew them by July 31st. If you fail to renew by the 31st July then your payments may stop. You … [Read More...]

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So you have decided to sign up and try out an online dating site. Just before you do its worth figuring out first what are you hoping to achieve by joining; are you looking for a permanent, long term relationship, or just a friendship to while away the time you spend online? Knowing what you […]

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First Trip Away

In the real world us single parents don’t always have enough money. Tabloids may tantalize you with oddly angled photographs and juicy articles on single parents having trips abroad, mega size TV’s and every mod con going all paid by their benefits cheque each week. But realisticly how they manage to do this I really […]

Work Harder to be Worse Off – Summer Budget

So they sneaked in another budget because…well they could. You will know I am not into politics and all that jazz, let alone understand it. I just know it rather seems to me that unless you were either born into money, could go onto further education ( and get one of those super duper high […]

Its all about manners – My Mother Told Me

My dear old mum did get mentioned on here quiet a bit. ¬†One of the bits of advice I’ve been told many times in the last week is to keep her memory alive . So just like Dad, who is doing this by talking to her photo, I shall continue to waffle on about her […]


Just Do It

Death….there I’ve said it. A word no one likes to say, or hear and everyone tries to avoid saying. Its such a final sort of word. Its bleak and black and not a word you would say with a smile on their face. 2 weeks ago I had a moment that now makes sense, but […]


Dream Duvet Day

When I was a kid it was unheard of to have a duvet day. You were made to stay in bed if you were poorly but that wasn’t considered luxury, it was if anything a form of torture. Other kids were out playing and you could only watch from the window, another form of torture. […]

Personal Finance Management: 5 Strategies to Save Money

1. Saving Money Starts at Home You may want to start cutting down on your expenses at home. Save money by saving electricity. You should know by now that as you reduce your electric consumption, you also reduce your electric bills. Thus, it’s a good idea to start following a few electricity-saving tips. For instance, […]

5 Tips to Help You Stay Out of Debt

Debt is just simply horrible. It on your mind all the time and one of the biggets contributers to stress. Save yourself and the people around you from the grief and heartache that debt brings. With these 5 tips you can hopefully stay out of debt. Tip #1: Focus on Needs, Not Wants The next […]


Its The Teenage Years

I am sure it was only yesterday I was dodging lego bricks on the floor and walking past a swing without a ride started a whale of ‘slllidddeeeeeees’ from small people. I have blinked and they have done that growing up thing. But as lego is sent to new homes and tiddly kiddy clothes get […]