Being a Single Mum

Being a Single Mum is ......hard work to say the least. This is my corner of the big wide world where I waffle away about my life as a single mum to two teenagers, two cats, a veg patch and a passion for being creative. Life is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always unpredictable and never dull.

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Girly gadgets for 2015

All busy parents deserve to have some choice gadgets in the home that make life easier. Gadgets have been benefiting us for decades already and few people would attempt to bring up children without a washing machine or vacuum cleaner, but why stop there? Gadgets for the kitchen Kitchen gadgets have always been among the […]

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Show Me Your Christmas Magic

I know I declared last year that I am most defiantly a Christmas Tree snob, well I think I can add to that this year as I think I am the ‘whole Christmas thing’ snob now. As I walk to and fro the shops and work I recoil in horror at decorations that just look […]

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Paying More Money Abroad, I Don’t Get It

In the UK there is 10.6 million people now in relative poverty. Another report says 23.2% of Britons are in relative poverty. Another says 1 in 5 of the UK population live below our official poverty line. Whichever way you read it there are people in the UK who are in poverty. Some of those […]

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Single Mum and Money

Stack of gold coins

Save Some Pennies

Would £100 a month help your bank balance go into the black? Here are 4 swaps that could add up to £100 a month saving. As you read through these saving s you might say you don’t have these things to swap, so maybe it gives you enough to think on to see where you […]

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Saving Money in Thursday Thriting

I am trying to think back on the all the things that I have managed to save the most money on. There is the old but always mentioned gym membership one, where some bright spark suggests that you cancel your gym membership if you’re not using it. Yes it was a very good tip the […]

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Tax Credits Renewal

Tax Credits Renewal : Just in case you have missed all the adverts on tv or the bill boards notices, your tax credits renewal needs to be in by 31st July .Tax credits should have sent you a tax credits renewal pack in the post. You could have used the renewal pack to renew your […]

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