There are a few positives to living in a small house, housework is quick and heating the house is cheap. On the downside though in the bathroom I can go to the loo, use the sink and at a small stretch the shower too all at the same time. To say some of the rooms are small is an understatement and the smallest room is my sons room. When I first moved to this house the kids were younger ( I was younger but I won’t go into all that) and were at an age of ‘stuff’.
You know toy stuff, useless stuff and weird stuff. All accumulated and they held on to it all with their dear lives. There had to be a bit of a stuff cull but even then it was storage all the way. I saved up and bought a cabin bed for the smallest room as it seemed the sensible answer with having storage underneath.

Roll on several years and several attempted stuff sorting it was time to readdress the situation again. My daughter originally had the tiny room with cabin bed but when here feet started to dangle over the edge she finally got her brother to swap rooms. So now my sons feet were making their way fast to the edge and the cabin bed had to go. Now I am not to sure what happened between deciding to get rid of the cabin bed and the present day but somehow I have changed his bed, my daughters bed and the lounge. This is no small feat by the way.

It started last week with the email saying the beds would be arriving Tuesday and Wednesday. Beds were dismantled ….. this deserves a round of applause as the cabin bed had to be made in situ and I didn’t see it being made so had no clue in which order to dismantle it. All the unwanted toys and rubbish were bagged up and dismantled beds taken up to the garage. Recyclable stuff was put in the recycle bins and the dvds put aside for boxing up as I was selling the dvds for cash.  The next morning while waiting for one of the beds I had the urge to attack the lounge. In my lounge I had dining table, 2 sofas, tv , computer desk ( my office) and craft desk….or other words too much stuff. One desk removed and all my craft stuff reorganised and put away in a cupboard ( which meant sorting that cupboard first) . Beds and book cases arrived and were put together. It all sounds so easy and breeze like as I type and I have completely glossed over the hysterical moment I decided single handily to take the new divan bed upstairs. but it started this time last week and today I finished sorting the last few boxes.

The result is my son has a grown up room, my daughter has a lovely new bed and the lounge is looking more organised …..well for the time being it is. Just got to save up for the new table and chairs now.