I have been restless and given ( and no doubt still tweaking) Confessions of a Single Mum a bit of a face lift. I figured we had been grey with some sort of darkish pink for way too long. I want to think of sunshine and lightness when I sit down to CoaSM . So out with the old an din with the new. I still have a few bits to tweak and the sun is shining so the tweaking will have to wait till the sun goes down. 

A change is as a good as a rest as the saying goes. I think this can be in all things in life. If your bored, despondent or even just  fed up with something and its something you can’t remove in your life then why not change how you approach it. For weeks ( ok actually months) I have been saying I am useless at this dieting thing and I can’t loose weight. Of course I can’t when I am telling myself all the time I can’t. So I am now trying to tell myself that I can do it and that its not a diet but a healthy lifestyle choice that I am choosing. I will have to come back to you as to how it goes.

I have also been battering myself with the notion that I am struggling with work. That I am not getting anything done and I am not seeing any progress. The truth of the matter is that I have got very lax with myself and not following any type of working pattern. No wonder nothing is getting done and I am not seeing results because I am not getting anything done apart from complaining that nothing is getting done. The only way things get done is if you follow the AOS method. The AOS method is something I read about a few days ago. It was my eureka moment. AOS stands for ass on seat . If I am not putting in the hours (AOS) then its no one’s fault but my own. So my action plan this afternoon whilst sitting in the sun ( it is Sunday) is to work out a workable work timetable and to implement ways of making it work for me.

Back to my original point of this post……the new start of the new look – what you think?