I have to admit to doing two things this week that have made me stop and wonder if I am showing my age or proving my wisdom. You may have caught a theme in a few of my posts and that’s an age theme. As well as getting older number wise, my body has started joining in on the act and my brain wont stop worrying about it all. To say I am not copying with getting older is an understatement  So these two things this week are a big thing to me. 

The first was whilst wasting some time in town I found myself in a clothes shop. Nothing new there I guess but I found myself drawn to the colours navy. Now the last time I wore navy was when I was a shop assistant and our uniforms were navy and I swore I would never wear navy again when all the ‘older’ assistants oohhed and ahhed over the navy uniforms. We didn’t have boring, unflattering yukky polyester uniforms, we were supplied a blouse and then we could have whatever else we wanted with it as long as it was navy. So in my impressionable late teens I was put off navy and it was marked in my head as old. But there I was holding a navy and cream jumper and navy cardigan. Even typing it I am cringing at the sound of it but honestly it doesn’t look that old ( well I don’t think it does) . BUT is this  me being old or just showing my wisdom at picking colours that make me feel confident?

The second thing was when I was in the book shop picking up canvases for the teens art homework, a book on grammar caught my eye. Grammar for Grown-ups to be exact. On my book shelf I do have a complete set of Penguin books that cover all sorts of englishly/writey things but they have baffled me from the start. I never paid enough attention at school and its only now I am bothered that I am not confident where an apostrophe goes. Up till now I didn’t care two hoots how to use a semicolon but now I am bothered that I don’t know. I should know these things, I should have learnt these things and I am trying to catch up . BUT again is this my age creeping in or me being wise ?