Dear Me at 50

I have tried to write this Dear Me post so many times but it’s hard. It’s hard to think in less than 10 years I will be knocking on the door of being 50. To me being 50 conquers up images of elasticated waists on polyester slacks and comfy shoes. It conjures up smells of violets and lavender. That’s how 50 year olds are often portrayed and I so don’t want to be one of those 50 year olds.

So I am challenging myself to be a snazzy 50 year old. I challenge the 50 year old me not to be in polyester slacks, I will let myself off the elasticated waists as I have already found the joys of these in jeggings. I will not be in comfy shoes, well not all the time. At 50 I must own a pair, or two, of hideously snazzy shoes with heels. I also must wear them and not just for special occasions. We spend too much of our time saving things for special occasions, waiting for special occasions, life and all its special things are for now. I will feel special every day, not just on special occasions.

I will not be found smelling of violets or lavender but will smell of the latest perfumes. I challenge myself to treat myself to at least one new perfume each year and it’s to be a new name, not a name that has been around longer than me.

I won’t be a bitter older woman who is snarling at the aging years but embracing the times as a woman who has found the joy of being wiser. I will be one of those 50 year olds that people stop and wonder how I do it.



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    Hey! You’re talking to someone who’s nearly 50 here and nowhere near polyester anything ta v much!

    What people don’t understand is that you still feel 30 inside and I, for one, still dress accordingly. Even though I don’t look I did or even walk like I did then! Age really is just a number and the older you get, the more you find yourself quoting cliches – coz they’re all true!

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