Friday, September 6: A story about a time you were very afraid.


The door shut with an echoing clunk. The smell of new paint and newly laid carpet still hung in the air. The children were ecstatic at their new bunk beds and kept themselves busy by setting out their teddies on their respective beds. I glanced out the window at the looming darkness now the evening was drawing in. I had no curtains to pull as I had no curtain rails. That was a man thing and I had no man. I had done it. I had left the marital home. He had said I had to be the one to go. The children were a little confused but happy. He, their Daddy, was  angry, very angry, with me for leaving. I was nervous and scared. The only thing that stopped my legs from buckling was knowing that long term I knew with absolute certainty I had done the right thing.