Being on a bit of green eco path I was rather excited to try out a new pair of eco Simple Shoes from the Nature Shop. I had heard about eco shoes before and must admit I was expecting something rather flimsy and newpaper-ish to arrive in a shoe box. So to un-wrap the tissue and find eco-certified suede shoes was a bit of a surprise.

They are absolutely gorgeous with their purple ribbon laces and eco credentials longer than my arm. The real test is of course how comfy they are and can they last the day without being kicked off. I can honestly say I have lived in them ever since they have arrived. They are comfortable and don’t make your feet sweat even in the recent warm weather.

They also sent something for my daughter, a strappy cami top as that’s what teenagers seem to be wearing at the moment. She reports that it is very comfortable with no itchy seams and the adjustable straps are a really good idea.

My son is also a lot cooler now thanks to his new soft, non-itch, ultralite tshirt. He does tend to be hot sweaty boy with all the skatering, bike riding and tree climbing. Even I can manage to get it washed, dried and back in his room before he has noticed.

If you haven’t discovered Nature Shop I do recommend popping along and checking out their products. They are really into sports and eco clothing and shoes but even if that’s not your thing they are worth looking at for their Emu sheepskin boots.