I think it must have been about 4 years ago that I had my eureka moment. I don’t think I can remember the exact moment or remember where I was when I suddenly realised I was happy. Not just smiley in good mood happy, but deliriously happy with life sort of happy. It was rather odd that I was that happy as I had just taken the leap from working full time complete with the guarantee and comfort of a full time wage  to being the self-employed complete with all the uncertainty and unpredictability that self-employment can bring. Basically I was poor, scared but at my most happiest.  What I had realised was that I was deliriously happy with my life because I had stopped trying to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, that I no longer aspired to having the best of everything but was making the best of what I had. I had stopped and stood up and said I was happy just as I was.

That mad moment 4 years ago changed my whole life and my outlook on life then and still continues to today. Because I have taken ‘must have’ away from my life I have also eliminated a lot of stress. This is of course is a good thing. It’s made my life healthier too because I am not stressed out trying to achieve things just to be the same as everyone else.

So my Wednesday wish is that I hope more people realise its ok to be happy with what you got and make the most of what you got instead of always wanting more.