Few months back I did something I have always wanted to do, I painted one wall in my bedroom deep red and one wall in the lounge a gorgeous purple. It took me over 40 years to finally put glorious colours on the wall but it’s really only now that I have been thinking about my surroundings. Up till now money was far too tight to think about frivolous things like matching furniture plus my children were small. And we all know that small children and nice things don’t make a good combination. If you have a row of cushions and one of the cushions is an expensive one, you can guarantee it will be the expensive one that the kids get chocolate on and not the 100 other cushions.

Painting the one red in my bedroom has made a massive change. I changed the bedding to elegant Egyptian cotton white and got rid of all the clutter. My bedroom now looks posh. Now I want to do the rest of the house. So now I am composing my lounge wish list …( my lounge is one large room that triples up as lounge, dining room and office)

A new dining table is a must. I inherited a very good table and chairs from my parents years and years ago. So good it will be hard to find anything as useful in my price bracket but it’s got to go. In its life time it’s been a base for a camp for me as a child and then both my children too. The chairs have been step ladders to all things over 6 feet tall and display an impressive range of paint splatters. It’s looking tired and tatty and I am dreaming of leather chairs that are comfortable and a big sturdy table.  All to be matching of course.

I want a chandelier or the modern equivalent. It’s all very well having spotlights to light up the various areas but I want to change the mood with ceiling lights, I want decadence and grown-upness.  I want the twinkling of lights that scream “I’m a grown up” instead of “I’m practical and boring”. I no longer have to have plastic fantastic everywhere to hide oodles of kid’s toys. I can have a coffee table that does what it’s supposed to do, take the weight off my coffee mug. A posh coffee mug not some slogan festooned mug that use to be in some office somewhere.

Lastly I want a colour scheme that says my children no longer run around with felt tip pens (actually that’s more likely to be me) but that they can actually sit and hold a conversation if the mood takes them. A colour scheme that says my life is taking a new and exciting turn. No longer am I whipping noses but praising GSCE grades. I want to sit and enjoy my surroundings. I have arrived at adulthood and I arrived in style.