Merry Christmas

My desk is covered in glitter; anyone who has been near my desk is covered in glitter. There are strands of tinsel everywhere and my dyson has hovered up so much glitter and tinsel it thinks it’s a Christmas tree. It can all mean one thing, its Christmas. That one day of madness has got here again in more of an alarming rate than last year.

So to all my readers, be it regular ones or one offs that just pass through I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas. I hope it is full of happiness, calmness and most importantly, lots of glitter and sparkles.

If you’re a seasoned single parent you may have the Christmas logistics with ex’s and in-laws all sorted. If it’s your first Christmas as a single mum and feeling rather fragile, hang in there. It will be ok and you will survive it. Not all Christmases are perfect like they portray in the films and adverts.

Merry Christmas


  1. Fra says

    Thanks for this post.
    It’s my first Christmas as a single mum, yesterday at family’s friends I was the only one without a partner.
    There were about 20 people, but I couldn’t help feeling so lonely and thinking about the past 10 months and my divorce…
    But I have to be positive and hope that the new year will bring happiness and serenity for my kids and I and hopefully a job!!

    Merry Christmas from Italy,


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