I am a self confessed book sniffer. The smell of a new book just can not be beat. Its a mixture of new printed ink, new paper and the hint of anticipation of what you might learn. To me there is just something beautiful about thumbing through a book or to see a shelf full of books. My own book case was up for scrutiny the other day. It had been moved to allow the painter to paint the hallway leaving a lovely clear and freshly painted hall in his wake. It was suggested that the book case was moved or even got rid off as the newly found space was lovely. Admittedly yes the new clear space was lovely but I looked  at my books and shock my head. Not only did the books tell stories or teach me things they were also  moments in my time. I can remember where each book was purchased, I can remember where I was living and what my hopes and dreams were at that time. To me my book case is a story of my life. The book case has remand in its place.

So as an avid book lover I was horrified buy the fact that people were actually liking the idea and buying Nooks and Kindles when they came out. How could they do such an awful thing.

I shall now now my head in shame as I have bought one too.

My love of books has not diminished in any way and the book case will remain in its place complete with all its books. But the Nook does have a positive side. From the outside no body can tell what you are reading. There is no book cover shouting to all an sundry that you are reading utter trash and you are not the thorough intellect your try to portray.  I can don my glasses ( makes me look intelligent) and happily sit in the corner reading. Pausing to raise my finger to signal silence and one minute when one of the teenagers approaches me. They, or any one else, have no clue if I am really working or just reading a trashy novel. I have indeed found a usefulness for a Nook, well apart from the really obvious one of actually reading a book.

Of course no eReader is worth anything till it has been housed in a new cover. On seeing the high streets contribution were nearly as much money as the actual eReader I of course pulled out the sewing machine and made my own and here it is, what you think ?

nook cover