A couple of years ago I made New Years resolutions for the first time in a long time. But I was stuck as there was several things I wanted to do so I made a resolution a month. It was various things like giving up meat ( I’m still mainly vegetarian) being green ( I’m greener than I was but not a total green person) and wear make up every day ( again better than I was). This year I am going to make some more.

More Organised – First Up I want to be more organised. Or rather I have got to get myself more organised. I start off all very well with a new notebook and write down things I want to do and poof off to fairy land I go. I have tried different calendars on the computer and my phone with brilliant idea of syncing them and being all smug at how organised I was. Phah. I managed that for all of 1 week. I have reverted back to the good old desk diary always open on my desk. The kids can write in there things they are doing and its always to hand when I answer the phone.

No Chocolate – I explained over at Not Perfect that I am attempting to lose some weight and have enlisted the help of my newly acquired Wii Fit board. To help towards this I have banned all chocolate till my birthday, which is thankfully in February.

Be More Assertive – For example …Sometimes it’s easier to do a chore myself then ask one of the children. First there is the selective hearing, so you have to repeat yourself. Then there is the chore mood they go through when it dawns on them they have to do something. Then there is the precise instructions you have re-tell for the hundredth time as they can’t remember what they did last time. Then to finish it all off they only do half the chore or not like you would at all so you end up re-doing the chore. BUT that doesn’t help anyone. So I have to learn to mean what I say and say what I mean.


Listen to my M.E – one of the things you’re told to do when your diagnosed with M.E is to pace yourself. They don’t actually tell you much more than this as M.E is still very much under researched so still a bit of a mystery…..that’s if you have a Doctor who is in the ‘M.E is real camp’. Pacing is doing a bit at a time and listening to your body. Having M.E is a bit like living on one bar of a mobile phone battery when everyone else lives on 3 bars. When they have used some of their energy and are down to 2 bars they still have 2 bars to fall back on whilst they carry on with what they are doing and recharge. With M.E life is on one bar and when you have used some of that energy up you have no reserves whilst your recharge back to one bar. So it’s little bit at a time. If you don’t pace yourself and run around like a loon then at some point you will crash. Crashing differs from person to person but its commonly described as pain all over like when you have flu crossed with just running a marathon and side fight with Tyson. Sooooo I need to pace myself more because I don’t .