I’m lucky to live where I do, I know I am. I look out one window and there are green fields, as I walk back from the corner shop I can actually see the sea. Ok its in the distance but I can see it none the less. Cornwall doesn’t attract thousands of tourists every year for  nothing. Your never no more than a twenty minute drive from the beach. But yet I haven’t been to any of the major attractions down here as they are normally too busy and you just get complacent with what you got on your own doorstep.


Spot the orange spot in the middle of the tree? My son

Daft really as I love the outdoors. The sun warming my skin, the smell of grass and mud, the quietness of nature.  I confess I am more of a fair weather  outdoor lover though. Even my parents went on a camping holiday for their golden wedding anniversary so holidaying is in me somewhere   But soon as it warms up the doors are flung open, windows wide open and fresh air is enjoyed. One of the problems with living in the countryside is I havent had a holiday in years. I sort of think why save up for a holiday when I live in such a lovely place. But then I dont actually stop and enjoy the lovely place.

No I dont enjoy having my photo taken

No I dont enjoy having my photo taken

But fear not I have a plan. I am quietly squireling away money each month and I recently came across this great offer . As soon as I have saved up enough I am going to drag the family away. No its not abroad so its just a car journey up the road …and a bit further..and no waiting around at an airport and all that faffing around. I am wanting somewhere that’s in the countryside as I am hoping it will kick start my interest in my own countryside when we get back. I want us to do lots of walking in lovely clean countryside and lazy evenings of reading around a outside fire pit. I want to have at least one traditional countryside holiday with my children before they go off and conquer the world and discover bear, wine and the opposite sex.I want to create a memory.

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