It’s nearly here, it’s so close I can nearly touch it but just a bit longer. College started at the beginning of the week so oldest teen started and so far so good. Though I am not too sure on this home half the week thing. Youngest goes back to school on Friday. Yes this does seem a really stupid day to return back to school after 6 weeks off but in hindsight I think its so that scores of children don’t turn up on day on all demoralised instead they are fairly okish as the next day is the weekend. But this is where I think they left their sensible head. When they go back the whole school will be issued with iPad Minis.

My first thoughts were wow how modern. I am a big fan of my sons school as I went there too so I am biased but then I started thinking on it. First I think the money could have been spent better somewhere else but its their purse strings so I am sure they know what they are doing. But what about the practical issue that not everyone knows how to use an iPad. My son is one of them and he isn’t looking forward to having to stop every 5 minutes and ask how to do something. Then there’s the discussion if they are compatible with windows as not everyone has Apple at home or Apple fans. I am sure the school has done its homework though and have figured this one out.

The bit that worries me is the knock on effect. They must be taken home ( reading from the school letter) every night to be charged and then brought back into school each day. Hang on so not only do the children have the usual stresses of exams, lessons and are they fashionable enough but they also have to cart back and forth an expensive and breakable iPad that if it is damaged or broken ( I’ll get onto stolen in a minute) the parents have to pay for? Not to mention my electric bill will go up , yes granted not lots but its the point that I have no say in the matter that urkes me.¬†What will the school going to do about the increase in bags being stolen, bullying and other nasties? They openly encourage the children to walk to school, independence and such like but now the children have to do it with the rest of the town knowing that they have an expensive, saleable commodity in their bags. I bet all the local ‘down and outs’ are rubbing their hands with glee at just the thought of it all.

So whilst hunting for the allusive P.E kit that seems to go on a yearly disappearing act, stocking up on enough pens to sink a battleship and will all be lost by the second week I am also grumbling about iPads.