When I was offered Persil’s Small and Mighty to try out I was a little dubious. Having only used non-smelly washing tablets was I about to inflict days of inching on the kids and I? Would it actually deliver what it says on the bottle, small and mighty even in 30 minutes? Make the children into cart wheeling smiley children?

Only one way to find out.

I must admit it was definitely put through its passes. Cue one small and mighty smelly sporty boy and one ‘lives on a horse’ teenager. I think I spend most my life washing clothes ‘desperately needed for tomorrow or I will just die’.

Now to be fair poor little Persil was in for a tough time what with smelly, dirty socks and jodhpurs it also had to contend with a not a 30 minute wash like it said on the bottle but 15 minute super wash from super doper washing machine.

First up to test was the horse riding kit on a 15 minute wash. (Yes I know the bottle says 30 minutes.)

Results – Top and socks came out clean. The jodhpurs weren’t super clean but I think I may have fainted if it had got that much dirt out in 15 minutes.

Next wash the boys shorts, t shirt, underwear and my biking gear on a 15 minute wash.

Results – Impressed me. A lot. Check out my socks before and after.

Next was another horse riding wash, but this time I tried it on the normal hour wash.

Results – Jodhpurs look like new. Considering my daughter had spent about 8 hours on and off horses, mucking out and poo picking, for these to come out spotless is a miracle. I can defiantly say these are the cleanest they have ever been.

Overall – I was a bit unfair in testing it on such dirty clothes on a 15 minute cycle but I am not technical enough to completely re-programme a washing machine so had to use what i have. None of us have come over all itchy as I feared so that is a big plus. The results were impressive enough for me to keep a bottle in the cupboard for the really dirty stuff, my budget doesn’t quiet stretch to buying it all the time but I will be when I can afford it.

Lastly the kids knew I was testing Persil out so offered their verdict. “It smells lovely” and “can you use it all the time as it smells so nice” and no it didn’t make them do cart wheels.