Babies require much tender loving care to keep them safe in their environment. A lot of thought and care goes into designing baby clothing for this reason. Pyjamas are one item of baby clothing that all babies need, after all they do spend quite a large portion of their day sleeping. When selecting baby pyjamas, there are some things to think about.

When choosing baby pyjamas it is important to select sleepwear that is the baby’s exact size. Too often parents purchase baby pyjamas that are simply too large for their infant. This happens mainly as parents want to save money knowing that their infant will quickly outgrow clothing items. However, purchasing baby pyjamas that are too large is actually incorrect. Baby pyjamas should have a snug fit. Avoid purchasing loose fitting pyjamas. This same way of thinking holds true for baby pyjamas that comes with feet.

Some parents will purchase other clothing items to use as pyjamas. Perhaps they purchased a loose fitting t-shirt pr sweatshirt. This is also a mistake. These clothing items were not designed to be worn as pyjamas. Pyjamas that are too loose cause too much air space to form between the baby’s skin and their clothing. This loose fit greatly increases the risk for both flammability and suffocation. While parents have good intentions, loose fitting garments should be avoided.

Many kinds of baby sleepwear are specially made to be either flame retardant or resistant. You don’t always have to purchase just this kind of sleepwear. Even if pyjamas aren’t treated to be flame retardant, they are still safe for the baby to wear as long as they fit appropriately. Think of how long underwear fits a man. That same tight fit is how your baby’s pyjamas should look.

Fabrics can vary in baby pyjamas. Obviously, the kind of fabric the pyjamas you choose will depend upon the season. For the warm summer months, cotton is an obvious choice as it both breathes and absorbs moisture. For the cold winter months, flannel is a popular choice as it keeps the body heat from escaping.

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