Warning there now follows the rambling writings of a mad woman thoroughly pissed off with her local town. Surely not all towns are like this, there must be better towns out there.

I have birthday money, hang on that sounds like I am 8years old again. I decided I wanted to treat myself with the lovely gifts of money I received for my birthday…that’s better. So of I trotted to my local town. Now the town I live in has a population of 22,000+ and if you do a rough estimate that half of that population could be a woman, that’s 11k of potential customers. Yes I am being a bit generous on the numbers there but even if we half that again to 5.5k that is still a lot of customers. So what has my new redeveloped town have to offer? Dorothy Perkins (up a flight of stairs), M&Co, New Look, TK Max, QS and Bonmarche when it’s finished having a revamp. That’s it. Oh and a surf shop and several charity shops.

The problems I have with these shops are they are just so out of sync with the seasons. Today (March) I am not quite ready to cast of long sleeves in favour of a short sleeved floral in thin fabric, not do I want the very chunky jumpers that have been in the sale since they were delivered to the shop. Now if I had the funds, the planning and some botheration, now would be the perfect time to purchase a summer wardrobe. But its not summer , its England we don’t know if we will have a summer till November and I really don’t think I can make use of the hundreds of bikinis on the racks.

It’s the same in the summer. When the summer finally arrives, if it does, it can be anywhere from July to October. Try finding something short sleeved in any of those months and all you will find are long sleeved chunky jumpers and woolly hats ready for winter.

Would it be so much trouble that the retail industry realises that the seasons have shifted a bit and be more in sync with them? I know this may be a bit radical but if shops delivered to the customer what we want we may actually be more inclined to buy something instead waiting for the correct season and then the shops not having the right season in.

Is this the same in your town or am I just the only one thinking this? Oh and don’t get me started on the actual quality of things these days….I’ll be here all day ranting.