I frequently get asked what  single parent benefits are available to claim. Well there are a few but before you get excited and think you will be rolling in money and not have to work , be prepared for a downgrade in this assumption . And probably a down grade in most things in your life. The media portrayal that a single mum on benefits is raking it in is just a myth.benefits single parents

The advice given here is aimed at single mums however the official sites to get the most up to date information are

Direct Gov which as now been replaced by Gov.Uk

Entitled To, now known as Turn2Us

Please check with these sites for the most current and up-to-date information as each single mums situation is different and the information here is only a guide.

Being a single mum is not an easy option. In general it’s a struggle but with a bit of sideways thinking it can be achievable.It can be daunting though when presented with a list of benefits you can claim. It can also be a challenge actually filling in all the right forms to the right people at the right times. If you asked each of the departments which to fill in first they will all say their form is the most important form to fill in first.

They are all rather cagey too as to what you can receive and when you will get it too. They don’t want to say one thing only for you to find when all the paper work has been done, it’s a lot less. They all pay at different time intervals as well just to complicate things further. For example you probably pay your rent on a monthly bases, normally last or first day of the month. Housing benefit though is paid every 4 weeks so it does get out of sync at some point.

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Where From

More Info

Income Support
read more on Income Support
Housing Benefit
Your local council read more on housing benefit 
Council Benefit
 Your local council read more on council benefit 
Sure Start Maternity Grant
Gov.Uk read more on sure start 
Child Tax Credits
HM Revenue & Customs read more on child tax credits
Working Tax Credits
HM Revenue & Customs read more on working tax credits 
Child Benefit
HM Revenue & Customs read more on child benefit
Child Maintenance
  • Private arrangement
  • CSA
read more on child maintenance
Job Grant
Stopped April 2013 read more on job grant
In Work Credit
Stopped October 2013 read more on in work credit
New Deal for Lone Parents
  read more on New Deal
Parents Learning Allowance
 when you claim Student Finance read more about Parents Learning Allowance
Cold Weather Payments
 its automatic read more about Cold Weather Payments
Free School Meals
 Gov.uk read more about free school meals
Child Care Grant
 part of you main student application  read more about Child care grant
Care to Learn
 learner support helpline 0800 121 8989 read more about Care to Learn 
Healthy Start
healthy start  read more about Healthy Start 
Warm Front Scheme
Ended 19 January 2013 read more about Warm Front Scheme
 updated 3rd February 2014

This subject is a work in progress, as I find out and write more then more will get added.

When claiming benefits it’s a good idea to: Take copies of completed claim forms and letters before you send them off. Keep a record of the date, time and the person you spoke to if you contact them in person or by phone. If you think they have made a mistake in working out your claim its worth getting advice from CAB. Don’t assume just because they are a government agency doesn’t mean they always get it right or that you can’t appeal the decision.


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