I am having a bit of a dilemma in my head, well nothing new there as I am always over thinking everything. I know its old news but I went self-employed many years ago for many reasons. The main reason was so that I could work when I could and rest when M.E is rearing its ugly head. But one of the other reasons was so that I was home more for the children. Being divorced, and on fairly good terms with their Dad, does mean I actually only see them half of the week. When you then work out that in that half a week there is school, sleeping, homework and that delight known as children’s social life it turned out I hardly saw them. So what’s my dilemma? Well it’s the housework or chores thing. They are only here half the week and I am home all the time so I feel I should do all the housework. But they need to learn how to be tidy, how to cook and pick up tips on how to clean like the tips on the homesavvy site. And they also know I can’t do everything so they do need to do things too.

My mum went back to work when I reached my early teens.  It didn’t hurt me anyway but it made me realise that I wanted to be around for my children, I didn’t want to be a full time working parent . It wasn’t till I was home more that I realised that children actually need their parents all the way through the childhood and not just when they are very young as I previously thought. The children might not openly admit they want their parents around more but to me there is something reassuring about a parent being home when they come in from school.

So…should they be doing chores or enjoying their childhood?