When I was young I was brought up fairly strictly. There wasn’t any room for manoeuvre. My parents spoke, I listened. They asked me to do something, I did it instantly. If on the rare occasions I didn’t, there was punishment. There wasn’t though any of the ‘sending to my room stuff’. At the time I didn’t notice, it was only when my children came along and started testing my patience that I had to think back to my childhood and how my parents disciplined me.

So what did I do as a new mum faced with a new hurdle? Just like most I phoned my mum for advice. My mother explained why she never sent me to my room and it’s something I have grown to believe in myself.

I never sent you to your room as it was your bedroom. For one it was filled with all you toys, teddies and other things you loved. It wouldn’t be punishment to sit in a room full of toys.

Secondly it was the place you slept. We worked hard on getting you into a proper night time routine and sleeping through the night. If I sent you to your room when I was angry you might start associating your room with anger. That wouldn’t equate into a good night’s sleep.

Lastly it was your room. Apart from the odd time I asked you to tidy your room for health and safety reasons, we always said a bedroom is a personal space for you to do with as you want. Somewhere you feel safe, happy and secure. It the place where you could really relax and be yourself. As parents we believed it wasn’t to be used as a place you went to when you or I was angry.

So what do you think? Should a child be sent to their room when their behaviour isn’t acceptable?