When I was young ….yes I know I keep banging on about when I was young but there are several reasons for my obsession. The youngsters of today don’t seem to grasp they are not the first teenagers on the planet. They don’t realise how easy some things are for them as they have never experienced anything different. They have never experienced life without a mobile phone. (Queue hyper-ventilating teenager at the mere thought) They aren’t taught some of the basics like sewing, cooking and gardening like we were made to.

Back WIWY, come on keep up-article title, my mother would tell me about her child hood. There was no ‘would you like to learn to sew?’, it was a given certainty that you would be learning to sew. Utter the same words to a teenager of today and they look at you like you’ve completely lost the plot. My mother had to help make dinner and not just half heartedly empty a dishwasher. She knew a carrot from a potato whilst it was still in the ground. These were basic things she was taught just like all the other teenagers in her street.

As my mother brought me up some of these lessons seemed less important. The ever changing modern life suggested we didn’t need all these basic life skills so I was only taught how to sew. Has it helped me in life, was it a useful skill to know? Yes to all of those as my first job after leaving school was a seamstress. In actual fact I sewed right up until a few years ago. Need skirt mending, I was the girl. Need a pair of curtains made, I was there. I even made many wedding dresses as I could make any creation without the need of a pattern.  I now have a skill that if ever I need to turn to it, I can. The cooking and gardening skills weren’t taught to me and its only now as an adult I wish they had.

As generations watch the following generations grow and evolve, it seems to me as even though we are advancing positively in some areas, in other areas we are regressing at an alarming rate. Life at the moment seems to be all about wealth, possessions and gaining more of the both. If you’re poor you’re very hard done by. In previous generations more people were on the breadline, more people were making ends meet. Were they any less happy? As each generation had their own children, their childhoods made them determined that their children would have it different. The knock on effect that brings us up to present day is that children have a completely different upbringing and I don’t think it’s all for the good.

As parents we naturally want the best for our children. We don’t want them to have hardship or fail but are we actually doing more harm than good by letting them have everything and not letting them experience these things.

We all know the economic climate is changing. Jobs aren’t for life; there is no certainty or security in anything anymore. There are job cuts, redundancies, hours being cut everywhere whilst the cost of living is going up and up. Are we going full circle to a leaner way of living? We will actually learn anything by any of it?