Wii Fit Coach Has A Ponytail?

Back at the start of the New Year I decided to battle the weight thingy that was spreading around my waist. There was no getting away from it, it was very apparent every time I tried doing my jeans up. My jeans were getting tighter. I have never had a problem with my weight and have never really been that bothered to think about what I eat, and even less worried about exercise.  Lucky I know but karma does have a tendency to bite you in the bum and it well and truly has. First instinct is to survive solely on lettuce and run a marathon every day. Neither is going to ever happen with me so I had to think of something I could do. I can’t embark on too much exercise or too suddenly as this would counter act any advancement I have made in controlling the M.E.

Luckily by coincidence a friend was selling her Wii Fit so I snapped it up. Result. Rather nervously, and wasting far too much time, I set up my little Mii (computer representation of myself) and stepped onto Wii board. I dont know if it was the Wii board saying ouch, no honestly it does it every time, when I stood on it or the fact it changes the shape of the Mii to represent your weight that annoyed me. Fortunately for me having a stubborn trait does come n handy at times like these. On I soldiered.

Every day for 30 days I have weighed in and watched the weight come off ( yayyy) then go back on again ( not so yayy) and then start to come off again. I have a few theories on why my weight went back on again but I am taking the healthy view that it was my muscles being used again and my body getting used to eating properly. Admittedly I don’t do the exercises everyday but there is only so much of the patronising coach I can take. Oh and by the way, what’s with the ponytail Mr Coach? I swear you don’t have that when I started because I would have chosen the woman coach over a ponytail on man.

So my fitness goals? There are several so please bare with me as I list them …

  • I want to be able to touch my toes again – there was a time I could not only touch my toes but my hand could go flat on the floor. I was still even to do the splits when I was 7 months pregnant with my son.
  • I want to be able to get into the jeans I have again – I have some size 10 and some 12 , so not being fussy and any of them will do.
  • I want to get bitten by the exercise bug – (at the same time by some miracle finding a cure for M.E.) I want to be a fit 40+ not a flabby 40+. Hence why I have entered the competition 2starsandaswirl has on her site which is  being run by Get Fit Feel Epic competition from Moneysupermarket.com . I want to win one of the prizes as it would spur me on.
  • I want to be healthier. It has taken years and years to be able to eat fruit and vegetables without being ill.
  • Lastly I want to be happier in my weight again, at the moment I am not as this isn’t me.

So if you see me out and about walking or rather propping up a wall, give me a boot up the arse and tell me to get going again please.





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    Two things I have found handy in the weight loss battle:
    1. power plates. don’t laugh. It sounds like a blag (and probably is) but shortly after my daughter was born I paid for a month’s unlimited use of a power plate at a local salon – and now I weigh a stone less than I did before I got pregnant. They are magic. And something to do with science and the shaking making your muscles tense so many times per second
    2. Josie Gibson’s “30 second slim” dvd – not necessarily that dvd, but the principal behind it of High Intensity Interval Training. You go completely flat out “omgI’mgoingtodiehere” for 30 seconds, then do light recovery, then go again.

    Good luck! I need to get back into all this fitness malarkey too really!

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