Donna this week is talking about her fourth date with Mr Nice and eating peas. Trust me there is a connection in there and she is talking sense, rather good sense actually.

When you date online at eHarmony they choose the potential dates for you. You get more than one to choose from so you might have a few types who you wouldn’t normally date. Don’t worry they aren’t picking names out of a hat, they do actually put a lot of science into it hence you answered so many questions in the questionnaire. What they do is work out,is who you are compatible with based on your likes and dislikes. That’s why they have such a good success rate, you’re more likely to meet someone who will develop into a best friend.

So at some point you may find yourself on a date with Mr Nice. If you’re not use to dating a Mr Nice type it may come as a bit of a shock. They can be considerate, genuinely interested in you and have damn good manners. Or just to really throw you all, of those qualities and more.  So why do you feel uneasy? Well if you’re used to dating ‘other’ types you may feel out of your comfort zone with Mr Nice. You may even decide against another date with Mr Nice because he was just too nice. Your comfort zone is complaining as it doesn’t know how to handle Mr Nice’s qualities.

But hang on isn’t Mr Nice what you have been asking for? I hardly think you wish for a date with someone who has no manners. is selfish or a player. After all if the date becomes a second date then a third……eventually a relationship, which type would you rather was in your child’s life?